I invite you to enjoy some of my poetry:



I am the planets

moon and sky

I am birds awake

on distant shores

I am the light

in your eye

I am the breath of wind

that strokes your hair

I am


I am the words that form

on the paper as you write

I am the stars

that come out at night

I am the wings

of a butterfly

Aren’t I


I am eternity

steeped in space

I am the heart

of the human race

I am the gaps

between the stones

I am the essence of your bones

I am


Creator, be-er

loved one, seer

There is no where

where I am not

no sound I do not carry

no heart I do not beat

no candle I do not flicker

no thought I do not meet


I am every where

every one

every bird,

every song

I am the essence of your life

you son, your man

your wife



locked up in your head

forming words

proclaim me dead

Worries form

hate and fear

yet I am near


Bow your head

to the me in you

breathe the air

I am

Touch yourself

with a loving hand

caress the self

I am


Breathe in and out

in and out

and let your heart

be felt

it is the heart

of the universe

listen to its beat

Waves wash on distant shores

Time does not exist

In this moment

there is you, me

the uni-verse

One song



 I Created You

I created you

to walk on earth

with soft and bated breath

to wonder at the stars

and flowers

breathe in the air

and be


I created you

to touch and feel

fabrics, flowers and fire

to smell the scent of roses lingering

on the autumn air

and be


I created sunshine

to warm your heart

and butterflies to flutter by your smile

and light up your face

with the beauty they exude

and are


I created love

and people at your side

to abide with you

laugh and smile and sing

I created lovers

walking lanes heavy

with the scent of honeysuckle

to warm your soul

and rejoice in being

and be


It is all there

all here

at your fingertips

if you would care to sit a while

and watch and wait

and let the moment evolve

out of nothing

into nothing

out of every thing

into every thing

and simply be


Embrace this moment

embrace your self

embrace the beauty

of the mist on the lake

the dewdrops

and the thousands of worlds

mirrored for you to see

Embrace what you can see

and what lies beyond

in the unknown land

beyond the corners of your horizon

created by your mind


We are at debt to one another

for the gifts

Give thanks

and be


Green Wood

Nature’s cathedral

Towering far up

Into the realms of angels


Going deeper

Than mankind can construe

Swaying gently in

In a cosmic cradle


The stream

I am here by your side

Impregnate your mind

With memories of me

How I feel

I fall

My song

I sustain every cell

Of your body

Capture the moment with me

And find room for my essence

in your heart




















































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